Add this option ( Scene Cut Editor ) in PotPlayer!

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Add this option ( Scene Cut Editor ) in PotPlayer!

Post  leecherman on Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:09 pm

HI, can you add this option ( Scene Cut Editor ) in PotPlayer?

When i tried ZoomPlayer i found this simple useful option in it that must be in PotPlayer.

with this option i can skip unwanted scene without using any video editor or converter to remove this unwanted scene, also hide subtitle and end playback of video or mute audio etc...

also this option in ZoomPlayer save the edited scene that i have edited it in .cut extension with the same file name so that every time i open the video files the setting will be save unless if the .cut file extension that have the same video file name is delete.

it's have the idea of ZoomPlayer in Scene Cut Editor, so why not making one like it?

all freeware or shareware programs is not an easy and fast option to re-edit the video file, i have used almost all available program and it's not good at all, specially when you want to add subtitle to the video file and want to cut (remove) the unwanted scene from the video, the subtitle will not sync with the video that have been cutted and joined.

VirtuaDub & VirtuaDubMod & AVIRecomp & AVIDemux etc....
taking along long time when editing video files with subtitles and supporting a limited file extension ( most or all times not working correctly with MKV MP4 files )

so please add this useful option.
thanks a lot.


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